Learning to "become virtual Cleopatras, Bushes, or Baryshnikovs" in the classroom

Yeah…the title is a quote I got from a businessweek article, which I thought was pretty funny! But you know…cool! It’s a great article discussing the different uses of mainstream computer games like Civilization and DDR a.s.o. I’m all for computer games in the classroom!
I solely credit Where In the World is Carmen San Diego? for my world geography knowledge! It’s funny to think about that time really! We sat there, I think it was in the 5th grade, group of 4 to each computer (Apple) with this black and green screen blinking at us giving us hints of what to look up in the almanac (which was…you know….an actual book with facts and figures and stuff)! I credit my teacher back then, Mr. Clem for being enthusiastic and nerdy enough for lobbying this in to an otherwise conservative school!
Funnily enough…the first person to comment on the article…remembers the same:

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