Who needs tv?

So I was sitting here at home drinking my morning coffee and thought I’d turn on the tv to see what’s new in the world! Oh…how depressing! First thing I see is this overenthusiastic healthy extremely happy woman walking to a beat and throwing punches towards the camera which zooms out to find a bunch of kids behind her doing the same motions. It turns out they’re doing coverage of something roughly translated to “Urban Kids in Motion”. I don’t know, I think it’s about teaching kids that motion and exercise is fun and cool. My initial thought was “Dude! Where’s the DDRs! Why are you tormenting these poor kids!!”.
Then the news! Well…what can I say? Being Norwegian isn’t exactly a hoot right now! I mean, there’s the Bird Flu on its way, there’s more Cartoon violence (I still can’t get over the fact that these two words together are actually scaring me!) and well…our Olympic team is sick! Not that the news is really covering this in an indept style…for that I need to open my beautiful laptop and enter my favorite world!!
So after updating myself on the long list of things to be scared, worried and disappointed about…it’s so lovely to find little entertaining film clips that put a smile on my face!

There’s more ofcourse….but now my keyboard is acting up…which I suspect has something to do with all the shelves at my student “office” crashing down on it last night! This isn’t going to be one of my favourite days is it?

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