The Wikipedia model for gaming

So, in the active process of ignoring my thesis and advisor, I went through the time capsules from State of Play III yesterday. There’s a conversation between Ondrejka and Lantz which I thought was quite interesting. They seem in unison when they say that games are about constraints and rules that limit your behaviour makes play. I suppose I agree, really.
But it reminded me of this article from Cnet.
Allard is quoted:

  • “(Gaming) is the only medium where we yield control of the protagonist. Let’s yield control of the director-and the producer. We’re going to take on the Wikipedia model. We’re going to take on…the open-source model, if you will, for gaming”

So I guess I’m wondering…is there really a market for this? I mean…can you really create computer games that infact demand your own creative input? Isn’t this more a building of a virtual community than gaming and play?

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