MMO’s in the news

Terra Nova’s Mike Sellers has a great summary of MMOs in the news lately! ALL of which have simply passed me by! How did that happen? Anyways for those interested:

  • New York Times – World of Warcraft promotion article really! But interesting! I suddenly realised that most news about WoW I’ve read, hasn’t been from Blizzard’s take on things. And I can’t figure out if that’s my fault or theirs! So this was kinda a new perspective…interesting, really! Says they’re giving the players more freedom!
  • Washington Post – an interesting article about the changes to Star Wars Galaxies! Sounds impressive…but I certainly do understand some of the player’s grievances, but yet again…I feel like I’ve only read their perspective – which is starting to worry me. Do I read enough?
  • The Economist – Just a good piece on Castronova and the whole make ‘real’ money from virtual goods thing! Sigh….is anyone else really sick of this now?!
  • CNN Money – Not sure
  • BusinessWeekonline – James Cameron + Multiverse. I don’t get it really but I’ll give you: “Ron Howard, director of Apollo 13, has partnered with former Halo producer Alexander Seropian to develop a new science-fiction reality TV show called X-quest that will lett viewers interact with contestants in an online video game” – it sounds strange to me!

I’ve just skimmed through this stuff….I’ll leave it up to you to make up your own minds. This has started a great discussion at Terra Nova on the future of MMOs. You’ll be singing David Bowie when you read it!! He he! I still am!!

2 thoughts on “MMO’s in the news

  1. Hey, Deckuf, your Mike Sellers link appears to point to my site — I assume it is supposed to go to Sellers’ site instead. Just a heads-up :)

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