Avatar names

Turns out that my creativity is crap! I can’t seem to be imaginative or creative in any way! I’m trying to figure out pseudonyms for 25 avatars. I’m considering just getting a book and stealing names from that. What should that book be, I wonder…Neuromancer?
Anyways…if anyone has any great suggestions! Please share them!

Oh…and as I’m kinda on a writing spree today (written half a page), I’ve noticed that I keep usning the ‘virual gaming world, combo of words’. Not MMORPG, not MMO, not virtual worlds, not synthetics worlds…I won’t go on! Thought that was kinda interesting!

So…speaking about the sad life of a MMORPGer…you might wanna see this!

One thought on “Avatar names

  1. Hei! Gi ikkje opp sjølv om ein ikkje er like inspirert alle dagar:)Stå på! Dessutan er det sol i Bergen, kan det bli betre?

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