Video of Will Wright’s presentation of Spore!

I love this! “So really we have these different levels of gameplay. And overall structure of the game now is that of a T. We’re going up through evolution, through all these different levels and then we have this very broad set of meta games above it, space level. And this is actually the opposite of most games, because what we’re doing here is putting the more goal oriented gaming first, as the tutorial for the eventual sandbox”.

That’s just soooo smart! And well…if you’re going to be talking about gaming revolution, this has to be a part of that! I’m wondering how this is going to catch on. Because usually you have to work pretty hard before you get into the goal oriented gameplay, but it seems like Mr. Wright here has designed a way to make the ‘learning’ of the game, fun! The reward is that you get to use all that you’re learned to create in the sandbox! I love that! But will gamers approve of the reverse gaming method?

It’s all just so exciting! And I absolutely adore the fact that he uses words such as diplomacy in his presentation. Diplomacy between species, they’ve taken something from Star Trek here, but I’m not sure what. And then there’s the whole Close Encounter of the Third Kind mechanism! Using musical tones to communicate with other species? My oh my! Just think of the possibilities! And the fact that you’re downloading other people’s planets?

I could go on and on! I’ve been talking about this game for ages now and I’ve got so many of my non-gaming friends hooked on the idea! I’m really looking forward to it!

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