So my femininity bothers you?

A few weeks ago I met a reader of this blog who had a lot of nice things to say. I was truly flattered and inspired! I mean, it’s such a great compliment when people find my words and findings readable! So I’m sure I stroked my hair a bit to the side and started battering my eyelids in a flirtatious manner (yeah…I know…the flirting game is something I still have not mastered, I’m absolutely hopeless). Then the guy wondered if he could offer me some friendly advice. Sure!! The advice? That I should consider downplaying my feminism! I wasn’t aware that I had been preaching feminism, but since I am a woman, I’m sure some feminine qualities are bound to be revealed! I found the conversation quite terrifying, really! I guess what he was trying to tell me, was that if I wanted to be taken seriously, I should start writing like a man!

So, on that note let me introduce you to some fellow female gaming voices!’s “Do Girls Game Differently?”
– great piece with refreshing discussion

Wired’s “Women Gamers Duke It Out” – not too fond of this article really. I don’t like sentences such as “…a furious divide exists over how to get women to play video games”. But a good little link collector of the whole women in games community.

Guilded Lilies’ “Annie Get You Gun” – picture stolen from this wonderful blog! “I think more women already play shooters than anyone really knows about, and that game designers could greatly expand their markets by making a few adjustments. I for one could do with a little less sexism in game design all around – think: More shooters, less Hooters. Additionally, games like the Tomb Raider series have proven that men are more than willing to play a game with a main character that is female, so why not design a FPS with an intelligent, competent female protagonist, one that is not just a male personality dressed up in fantasized female clothing” – says it all, really!

There’s more! I’ll have to come back and update this post in the course of the week! But now, I need to work!!

4 thoughts on “So my femininity bothers you?

  1. I really don’t see any overblown “femininity” in your comments… They are the point of view of a woman, naturally, but that is one of the reasons that attracts me to this blog.I enjoy your blog as well as Alice’s “Wonderland”. They are refreshing points of view among the frankly over-represented “male” point of view in gaming.

  2. I enjoy your “writer’s voice.” It’s one of the reasons this blog is so refreshing. Keep up the good work :)

  3. I didn’t realise you played up “feminism” – thanks for writing as yourself!! I hope you keep it up the way you’re going, I really enjoy reading :)

  4. Thanks guys! Have no intention of changing, as this blog is my piece of mind. Just thought the encounter desserved a notice, specially since it’s international woman’s day today! I’m very honoured that you enjoy my ramblings!

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