WoW; the text adventure!

You just have to love this!!!

“At long last, you’ve returned!” the elf cries. “I had feared that you …”

> Click Complete Quest

The elf snorts and hands you a slimy, rusted, bent dagger with runes on it reading “Discount Shiv Warehouse — Bring us a lower price, we’ll stab it.”

> Look at dagger

It’s a noxious, poorly-balanced piece of crap, but it’s better than the weapon you have right now.

> What do I have now?

It’s not clear from the decay, but you think it may have once been a whisk.

> Wield dagger

You look slightly less feeble. A knight rides by on a gleaming white charger. He is bedecked from head to toe with shining armor. His shoulder armor alone is big enough to house you, your family and any pets you pick up at the auction house, and still have room to hang that pathetic dagger of yours on the wall as a constant reminder of your utter weakness compared to a true man like him.

> Pout

You hear a voice in the distance. “LF2M need healer and tank!”

> Talk to elf

Clickable Culture has a lovely overview of Second Life Statistics
. He’s posted them in two different columns to show the discrepencies between Google Talk and ETech…I love that!!! Nothing much that impressed me really. I guess I should be starstruck by the fact that “$6.5 million in transaction took place in the last 30 days since March 7, 2006″(ETech source) or that “75 million instant messages relayed in Second Life in the last 30 days since March 7, 2006” ( guessed it ETech Source, again). But…you know…I’m not! This is the way it was supposed to go and it will just get bigger! What really makes me tick is that “5,000 residents (15% of total population) have written 12,000 original scripts in the last 7 days for a total of 2.5 m lines of code per week” and that “17 different universities are teaching in Second Life” (oh I wish mine was one of them) – all from the ETech Source – my eyes must be wandering to the right today.

And I can’t have a ‘sum up everything in one post’ without mentioning Wonderland’s lovely idea of ‘Building business like a game’ – I think there’s a lot of potential here!

Also, on my reading list is this nifty little thing. International Review of Information Ethics Vol. 4 – The Ethics of E-Games! I’m so intrigued by this!

But it will have to be ‘reading at work’ tomorrow, because I’ve wasted a whole day doing stupid things like, not winning the Xbox360, being outraged by the whole South Dakota issue – disgusting, registering at Infomatica’s site (excellent, excellent, excellent!! They’re even taking the initiative to gathering all the thesis subjects in process and BLOGS!! wOOOhooo!!) and talking to people who are panicking about being 75% further along the way than I am!! So…its 7.30 pm, I’ve wasted a whole day….and panic has struck because I need to go to work tomorrow and then there’s the women in academia thing and I really, REALLY want to have a few beers with fellow students tomorrow night!

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