Sims enter the world of Alice

Carnegie Mellon and Electronic Arts are making Alice, which is a really cool program to learn computer programing, better!! All in the spirit of making computer science education fun! Awww…isn’t that lovely!! Electronic Arts is giving them Sims.

President Jared L. Cohon of Carneigie Mellon I think says it best:

“This unique alliance between academia and industry is further evidence that sharing technology is an essential step towards arming students with the tools needed to excel in computer science education and interactive entertainment”.I have to say…this really looks great! Reminds me that I should have a closer look at Alice and see if I might pick up some computer programing skills!!!

And I also can’t help wondering what’s up with all the Alice in Wonderland stuff? Something about computers, games and the Internet makes us all think of this story, what? I can’t even remember what influenced me!

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