"It’s like escaping the real world and finding what you don’t like about it"

The Washington Post has an article out on the whole GLBT friendly WoW thing.

They even include some quotes from Sherry Turkle, which I thought was nice. I’ve missed her voice on some of the MMO topics being discussed lately.

“The reason that being gay is relevant to gaming is because gaming nowadays enables people to construct and reconstruct their identities.
We’re at a transition point in how we view these online games. We’re so used to the dichotomy: real life, game life. But these online games are at a place somewhere in between. It’s not just a game. They spend hours there. They have friends there. They have a life there.”

But the quote that really got me was from the Sara Andrews who started this whole discussion and has now stopped playing WoW:

“Maybe it’s not a very good escape from the real world, playing a game online and dealing with a bunch of other people,” says Andrews. “It’s like escaping the real world and finding what you don’t like about it — the slurs, the homophobia — in the online world.” – isn’t that absolutely charming!!! And so spot on!! The sociability in MMOs is so real and people do tend to bring their biggotry and opinions into them, which I suppose does kinda emphasise real world issues! Interesting!

Oh, by the way! The last two sentences of the article:
“These days, she’s busy rereading “Through the Looking Glass,” the follow-up to “Alice in Wonderland”.”

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