Learning Spanish through gaming

This seems like a very interesting project!

3D Language Spain

“In 3DLanguage we have combined the most powerful aspects of video games, speech recognition technology, and our proprietary language management process (patent pending). The result is a virtual world enabling you to go where you want, say what you want, learn what you want – and all at a pace you choose! No flash cards, no rote memorization, no more being hit over the head with rules wrapped in a veneer of “fun”.”

I have enough time burglars in my life at the moment, but I’d definitely like to try this. Because it sounds just a tiny bit too ambitious, but done right it actually might work!

One thought on “Learning Spanish through gaming

  1. LinnOf course it’s too ambitious! All worthwhile things are. We have some cool stuff in the works. The best is a content editor; we want to let teachers and ambitious learners create and trade content on the site. We are also releasing some lesson based content in a few weeks. We’re a very small group and this has been a labor of love. The ASR works amazingly well and we have the structure in place for a truely different language product.email me and I’ll give you the full version…ddunlap@3dlanguage.net

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