Gold farming

This is just sooooo interesting! The fabulous Nick Yee introduces a PhD student, Ge Jin’s work on TerraNova. He’s making a video documentary on Chinese goldfarmers and generously gives us a preview.

Some interesting comments “We’re providing a service to American players” and Lao Liu’s “Foreign players call us Chinese farmer, we are very sensitive to this term. I have a sense of inferiority”.

Ge Jin’s own observation is interesting as well.
“When I entered a gold farm for the first time (tietou’s gaming workshop in the preview), I was shocked by the positive spirit there, the farmers are passionate about what they do, and there is indeed a comraderie between them…I do see suffering and exploitation too, but in that place suffering is mixed with play and exploitation is embodied in a gang-like brotherhood and hierarchy. When I talked with the farmers, they rarely complained about their working condition, they only complained about their life in the game world”.

Extremely interesting!! Jin’s also looking into, how Chinese workers interact with American players and what it all means to the Chinese worker!

Can’t wait to read more of his research!!! ;)

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