Video Game Voters Network

ESA (The Electronic Software Association) has just launched The Video Game Voters Network. In the press release they’re even quoting Will Wright:
“Computer and video games represent one of the most important new media developments of this generation. Unlike many other forms of entertainment they offer players the opportunity to explore, be creative, learn through interaction and express themselves to others,” said Will Wright, Chief Designer at Maxis. “It is vitally important that we protect and nurture this new art form so that it can reach its full potential. Like most new forms of artistic expression that have come before (music, novels, movies), the primary critics of video games are the people that do not play them.”
It all kinda seems a bit iffy to me. I’ve never really had a big problem with the ESRB ratings being some sort of legislative power keeping games with violent adult content away from children, unless approved or bought by a parent. Because that’s pretty much the way it’s here, I’ve blogged about this somewhere before.
Although I have strong problems with saying that violence in games causes violent behavior, I respect organisations such as ESRB, although I really don’t envy them having to choose between 17+ and 18+!
So it seems like this video game voters network is all about these new legislations coming into action. But there’s so many other issues they need to be thinking about!!! So…I guess I think it’s a great initiative (although having a 50 year old mom shining brightly on the banner kinda freaked me out) but I wish they would also focus on other things!!

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