If in London….

This looks great!! Day to Day Data. I love some of these titles!

  • Bio mapping
    • The Bio Mapping device allows you to measure your levels of stress and excitement as you walk through the city.
  • Trolley Spotting at Tesco Superstore
    • As part of Adele Prince‘s web-based project Trolley Spotting, the entire fleet of trolleys at the local Tesco Superstore will be tagged.
  • Lucy Kimbell’s Physical Bar Charts

It’s just so bizarre that I’m getting into contemporary art! I never ever had any interest before! What’s going on? Is contemporary art becoming something that I understand? Should I be able to understand and relate to it? Is it my gaming research? Or maybe it’s just my adoration for Wonderland!

But seriously! How can you not be charmed by Richard Dedomenici’s Nail Salon Belt:
“Richard is creating an installation documenting his research into the theory of the Nail Salon Belt. The theory states that at a certain distance from central London, running the length of the border between the 0207 and the 0208 telephone codes, a much higher than average number of nail salons exist. “

So what is a day ticket to London these days?

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