Great webzine – specially for media students

Just wanted to give a little heads up to my fellow Media Studies fanatics…cause…you know that’s where I originally come from! I find it so charming…and honourable that so many think I’m Information Science…I like to think of myself as an Infomedia person. But, you know, I really didn’t know what CSS was until last week (thanks to the brilliantly smart Laser Lasse and Siv) – so sorry if I’ve deceived people somehow!

Anyways!!! The fabulous Mr. Jenkins’ blog introduced me to Flow which is:

“…an online journal of television and media studies conceived by Christopher Lucas and Avi Santo and launched in October 2004. Flow’s mission is to provide a space where researchers, teachers, students, and the public can read about and discuss the chanigng landscape of contemporary media at the speed that media moves.”

It’s probably a tad too American for us – but it’s a joy to stumble onto some collaborative online presence of media studies. I’m sure there’s more out there, it’s just not a common occurance for me to stumble onto such pure media studies stuff. Personally I’ve moved beyond these interests – but I know quite a few students could be interested in this stuff – so just wanted to give a little heads up for those interested!

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