I’ve never ever regretted my decision to start back at university and write about virtual gaming worlds. I mean…I started my Masters degree because I wanted to study and research virtual worlds – the actual degree is just a perk! Hmmm…does that make me a nerd? Never thought it would take me this long, however!! So much information to process!! I have, however, regretted many many many times on The Sims Online! But in hindsight, I feel it’s good to have knowledge and insight on what doesn’t work! But…you know I’m babling! Oh hell! It’s my blog!

Anyways…it’s been one of the few choices in my life that’s made me truely happy! One thing that’s always annoyed me, however, is that I could never seem to find the courage and strength to write papers for conferences so I could participate! So many fabulous debates! I’ve been saying for the past year that if I won the lottery I would just travel around going to all these conferences and meeting all these super brilliant minds!!

So…I’m just letting my fingers and emotions flow here aren’t I! Well! It seems coincidence has really struck home on my behalf!!!!

Guess where I’m going for Christmas and New Year?! And guess who’s just about to change her return ticket to the 10th of January? Yup! I’m going to Singapore where my lovely father is currently working and meeting up with my Australian nephews!! It will all be lovely!! But imagine my complete and utter joy when I see that State of Play is in Singapore this year! And when? January 7th to 9th! Did I say coincidence? Nah! What I meant to say was DESTINY!! I’m actually meant to be doing this crap! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind!!! I’m on the right track, obviously! Ooh look at me going all muchy wooshi!! He he! This news just really filled my heart with joy!!!

OMFG! Am I reading this correctly? Alice Taylor, Julian Dibbell, Cory Doctorow, James Grimmelman, Neal Stephenson, Nick Yee, Richard Bartle, Ren Reynolds, and Mark Wallace – and we’re just getting started!!!! – and I just got confirmation of my changed plane ticket! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Ahhh…destiny!

  1. hey, you left out Mark Wallace! Actually, I’m not on the page yet. But I’ll be there. Glad you’re getting a chance to swim with the rest of the MMO-studying fish, Deckuf, and I look forward to meeting you. Keep plugging away.

  2. Yee-ha! That’s great, Linn! Will this be your first conference, apart from Aesthetics of Play? I found it MUCH easier to submit a conference paper after I’d actually been to a real international conference.And how convenient to have a father in Singapore. My sister lived in Malaysia (KL) for a while, and I loved it. Was close to Australia, too.

  3. Hey cool blog you have here! I like your Masters topic, it’s quite interesting. Just randomly – what do you think about the issue of virtual property within MMORPGs?

  4. Jill – yup! First one! And what a bang! Still can’t get over the conincidences here! Koreaori – ohhh…well…hmmm…to sum up my views on virtual property? It’s a post waiting to happen, really. I don’t think I can just sum up my conclusions and views here as a comment!Jorg Hauan – I certainly have, but I’ve been quiet for a few months trying to focus on writing this monster! But will sonn be back!

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