Please excuse my silence!

I’m in Singapore and having a great time! The week before that was just spent celebrating the fact that I finally handed in ‘the sucker’! So – my feeds are piling up – and I have so much I want to say that I’m about to explode! I feel uninformed and unsatisfied!!! Tomorrow I’m going to a secret shop to get some programs, then off to get some more toys for my darling nephews – because tomorrow night (round midnight) I’ll be on a plane to see them! I’ve started a blog – which I haven’t written in yet, about the trip – so I’ve decided to spend the afternoon at a restaurant watching the people going by – sipping wine (hey! I’m on holiday) – and away from my travel companions – and just blog my impressions! I’m sooooooo looking forward to it! But we’ll see what happens!

Did you know…Wii isn’t in Singapore yet?!!! It’s so weird! I need to figure out why – because my understanding of Singapore English is still kinda shaky so the shop keepers haven’t given me a good enough explanation (I end up just nodding my head understandingly). But it certainly is on the ‘to do’ list! And – well – I would love to go on – but I’m just soooooooooo tired!!! Need to sleep! But I certainly want some time to blog tomorrow! That would be lovely!


I’ve never ever regretted my decision to start back at university and write about virtual gaming worlds. I mean…I started my Masters degree because I wanted to study and research virtual worlds – the actual degree is just a perk! Hmmm…does that make me a nerd? Never thought it would take me this long, however!! So much information to process!! I have, however, regretted many many many times on The Sims Online! But in hindsight, I feel it’s good to have knowledge and insight on what doesn’t work! But…you know I’m babling! Oh hell! It’s my blog!

Anyways…it’s been one of the few choices in my life that’s made me truely happy! One thing that’s always annoyed me, however, is that I could never seem to find the courage and strength to write papers for conferences so I could participate! So many fabulous debates! I’ve been saying for the past year that if I won the lottery I would just travel around going to all these conferences and meeting all these super brilliant minds!!

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