What an excellent way to be a fan!

I’ve been completely smitten by Keane’s “Crystal Ball”! I know, I’m late and everyone else is probably sick of it – but I’m completely and utterly smitten!!! I saw a clip of the music video and there was my favorite B-actor (oh dear…is that an insult?)! Does anyone else have those? Actors that you just adore, but don’t remember the name of?

Anyways, wanted to have a look at the whole video and naturally headed over to YouTube! And, naturally the RIAA had requested the video removed! Idiots!

But ofcourse I found so much more interesting stuff with the song!!! A Lost mashup! An adorable puppet! A Harry Potter love triangle drama! Three best friends portraying the weirdness of growing up (I think)! An amusement park mash-up! And….

Well…I think I’m gonna have to stop there, the song’s starting to wear thin in my ears! Hehe!

I think this stuff is just adorable and entertaining (although I really shouldn’t be spending this much time enjoying myself). And ofcourse….how could I ever mention fan culture without mentioning machinima?!!! Hehe!

2 thoughts on “What an excellent way to be a fan!

  1. Keane’s latest single is so catchy that I consider it a hazard for our radio infested society. Here the scenario: I hear the song in the morning during shower. For two to three hours, I am singing “oh chrystal ball, chrystal ball”. After numerous efforts (singing other songs, rebooting my brain, half an hour of yoga in silence), I manage to get it off my mind. And what happens next: on the bus or in the shopping mall, the song again hits my already damaged brain, and again, I walk around muttering “oh chrystal ball”, just like a zombie. My girlfriend starts asking questions, I can get no musical piece of mind, and really, what is the song about – a Harry Potter love triangle”?. My only advice: GET THIS TUNE OFF THE RADIO! I say/sing no more.

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