Sometimes…things just get way out of hand!

I absolutely adored the WoW South Park episode! There was just too much laughter in that episode and so many things to pick up on! I even had to smile at the GTA style carjacking by Stan’s dad, but this, however does not make it into the wiki on the episode! Oh yeah! That’s right! They’ve got it all! The inconsistencies, the goofs, the ‘who has what’ armour!

Well…at least all the facts are recorded! But jeez! Talk about information overflow!!

“Trailers for this episode show Stan and Kyle in what appears t be the Undercity, right after Kenny is killed. In the airing of the show, they were in Goldshire”

Oh…I was wrong…the carjacking is listed!

Although…comments like “Crushing an enemy’s head into a bloody pulp as depicted in the final fight is impossible in the game” can be useful to worried parents? If they’re too frightened to ask their children, they can always look it up in Wikipedia?

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