"That’s sooooooooo gay!"

Ok….I’m just curious. Has anyone or does anyone know of anyone in an MMORPG who’s ever been reprimanded for saying “….so gay!” or “fag”? I’ve never heard of anyone – and just thought I would throw the question out there to see if anyone had any tales of the unexpected!

3 thoughts on “"That’s sooooooooo gay!"

  1. While I haven’t actually seen anyone being reprimaded, I’ve given quite a few reprimades (?) myself. Just for the fun of it :)The best was during a long session of Guild Wars I had a year back. I was teamed up with what was actually a great group; a perfect match with every group member working in perfect harmony – actually one of the best PUGs (Pick Up Groups) I’ve played in. However, one member constantly used “Gay” as an insult / general remark.I don’t know exactly why, but I decided to teach him a lesson. So I started to pretend I was deeply insulted by his choice of swearwords, making up what ended up being a tear-dripping story about how I almost comitted suicide some days earlier because of the bashings I got from my classmates in highscool when I decleared my homosexuality.I managed to turn the entire group on him, everybody bashing him. The worst thing was, he didn’t quit. He sat there, defending his choice of words and started to bash me for being gay. The rest of the group turned ballistic on him, contacted some of his guild members and the whole thing got out of hand.Quite absurd. I just managed to refrain from claiming to jump off a bridge or do something similar. I just logged of. Didn’t give away my story, though.Wonder what happened after i left..

  2. Ooh! Laserlasse you bad man!!! But this is great! Players taking matters into their own hands is even better!!!! ;) You shouldn’t have left! I’ve got Guild Wars at home now – ready to start playing soon!!! Yay!!

  3. As a side note – when I was doing my master thesis (and before), I was in a room with what was possibly the 4 biggest geeks in our department. And I’m not kidding.We probably spent at least 1 month total real time (24*32 hours) playing a small game called “GunBound”. A simple asian turn-based shooter, 2 teams of 4 players competing. We actually turned it into a sort of thrash-RPG, in the sense that we played the role of the most obnoxius, foul-mouthed bags of manure the human race managed to produce.We actually insulted every other player in every possible way, along with probably every living (and non-living) entity in the known universe. If it was possible to insult something in some way, we did it. Some of the insults would probablty shock even orcish mass-rapists or the most inbred nazi. Nothing was sacred. You just can’t imagine some of the things we actually said.(We didn’t do this ALL of the time, just when we were extremely bored with our thesis work, which usually coincided with one of supervisos paying us a suprise visit)Anways.. The game actually had a very strict policy concerning language, insults and the usual stuff. However, we NEVER got banned. Not one of us.

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