I’ve been too depressed and embarrassed that I didn’t get to hand in November 15th – that I really haven’t blogged about it. But – now I have freshly printed copies by my side and I’m just waiting for the print shop to open, so I can get them bound and handed in.

In theory, since I missed the November 15th deadline, I could wait until February – but I couldn’t live with this sucker for that long! I’m going on holiday 20th December – and I’m gonna freakin’ enjoy it! There’s lots of work I could done on it, still – but I don’t think work like this is EVER done! I’ve had to skip a lot of discussions that I would have loved to include! And, to be honest – my chapter on Ownership is just skimming the surface of most arguments and cramming them into a small chapter – very little consistent analysis! My advisor has also warned me about my language! I blame the American Academics that write so colorful and adventurous – apperantly that’s not the wisest way to go! Oh well – I’ve done some dullifying – the rest they’ll just have to punish me for! Oh how I hope I pass! Failing you’re Masters Thesis must be the worst bummer ever!!

It’s been one hell of a night! I’ve messed up the whole thing so many times tonight it’s not even funny! Printer trouble and table of contents that just had me in knots and frantic outbreaks! If it wasn’t because my good friend, Ronny – urgh – I don’t even wanna think about it!

So yeah – now – FIND A JOB!! Yay!!! And I’m gonna have to play some!!!

I’m meeting the cHixOrs at 6 pm for dinner – let me know if you wanna join us! ;)

I really wouldn’t mind crashing a few bars tonight – but the sad thing about mondays, I dare not even ask! Also – I’ve been trying not to jinx this! I still haven’t gotten them bound – and who knows what the rules of handing in are?! I’m sure there’s much more stricter rules than what I got “5 copies”. So I think I’m gonna hold off asking people to celebrate with me until I know for a FACT everything is alright! I’m not jinxing things by blogging now, am I?

You know, I was supposed to be in bed by midnight! Just way too many things that went wrong! Ohhhhhhhhhhh ….. I can’t wait to really get into blogging again!!!! I’ve missed those little peaks of interest, investigation and writing!!!

Update: Jepp – it’s handed in! Yay!!!

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