Games seminar

Or symposium (do I need a phd-degree to understand the differences between them?).

Floating Points 6. Games of Culture | Art of Games

Is a symposium, film screening and workshop in Boston, Massachusetts on the 20th and 21st of March.

They’re livestreaming the event and I hope that will include the workshop because Friedrich Kirschner is having a workshop entitle “Introduction to Machinima” – which I would love to witness.

Impressive list of speakers – so I’ll definitely be tuning in.


Video games extend beyond the gaming console into nearly every aspect of contemporary life. They are fun. They drive innovation, consumer engagement and employee productivity. Is our culture turning everything into a game?


There’s also a computer games seminar here in Bergen on the 16th of March. I haven’t found any online information yet and I forgot to grab a flyer from another event on Thursday. What I do know is that some of my favorite people will be there. Fredrik Sundt Breien (always such an inspiration) – Rune Klevjer (the professor guilty of introducing me to game theory and academia) and Jill Walker Rettberg. Someone else which it’s embarrassing I don’t remember right now. Apparently there’s talk of some computer game education program here in Bergen which has made me and the chixxors very wide-eyed and curious! And I’m wondering… do I need to have a PhD to teach a class on machinima? And can I keep my glorious new job and teach about machinima on the side?

I should write some more. I’ve been a very bad writer for about a year – time to get back into it!

Also – it’s so bizarre. I’ve been a fan of Jill Walker Rettberg for years, but I haven’t ever been to any of her lectures or presentations. I don’t know – timing has always been off somehow. So definitely looking forward to experiencing that, as well.

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