Play with your food

So – things have been dead here lately ey?

Well…I’m still busy being a communications consultant, which I’ve started blogging about a zillion times but never seem to dare to publish. A lot of that has to do about establishing several online identities that have nothing to do with one another and a lot about being scared about practicing what I’ve been preaching for the last few months. Also – to be quite honest – I’ve been trying to train my brain to think better in Norwegian. Only reading Norwegian and only writing in Norwegian. This blog throws me off the flow of Norwegian thoughts – and I need to be good in both languages. That said!

I’m a proud member of Spillpikene (the Norwegian name for game girls – yes we like to melt several words into one in Norway). I shared my affection for the gaming chiXors on the International Women’s Day. Well…since then. We’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons with Game Master Hedvig (she’s frekkin brilliant!) and started a blog of our own. Being four people is brilliant! The blog gets updated more often and we’ve all got other different points of view.

Anyway – my point is! We’ve started a competition – our second one. And it’s so lovely that I have to translate it for English readers!

Maren says:
Play with your food, and win a Spillpike t-shirte (homemade and lovely!)

It’s far past midsummer and I’ve decided that it’s about time to give away one of our rare Spillpike-t-shirts. One has already been given away, so we have two left. This time you can win the black version.

What you have to do to enter the competition? Well..: You have to make a representation of a game you like … with food! We’re talkin ketchup, pastries, candy, spaghetti – whatever your preference. Take a picture and send it to us at post [a] spillpikene dot no.

People have already started contributing and we’re sooooo enjoying it! The picture needs to be in by 15 August. And it would be lovely if you participated as well.

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