I’ve become really intrigued with sound lately. I had, quite honestly, given up on sound after having attended several lectures and awkward sound/noise concerts which made me come to the conclusion that this was an art form that I would never understand. But something shifted.

Just watch this AMAZING mini-documentary of basically a conversation between Björk and David Attenborough about sound, science, music and nature, while documenting the work and thoughts behind Björk’s Biophilia. It’s absolutely fascinating and well worth your time.

Wasn’t that just inspiring?

I adore the way she’s using technology and sound to explore or I would say “read” nature. My mind has been blown on so many levels. So I’ll just list some of them:

  • Evan Grant explaining how sound has different patterns with his Chladni Plate. And the higher the pitch the more complex the pattern. Absolutely beautiful and who knew?

Here he is at TED talking about Cymatics – the study of visible sound and vibration – and what we can learn from it. Like analysing the patterns of sound from dolphins and using this to understand their language. Fascintating!

How absolutely wonderful!

  • Then there’s The Gravity Harps that Andy Cavatora from MIT has built for her. I love this idea of using the power of gravity with the help of technology to create such perfectly timed and sweet music with pendulums.
  • She’s made her music interactive! I’ve now downloaded the apps for my iPad and will having a hoot with those for the next week.
  • And of course – like all responsible artists of our time – she’s using it to teach children about science and music. The Biophilia Education Project looks great! And I absolutely adore the way she’s bringing science into the equation. Very inspirational and kinda goofy and fun. I’m thinking that this can also function as a way to inspire kids to get into technology and programming as well as understanding and learning about sound! So maybe something for Lær Kidsa Koding?

I’m very intrigued!

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