Kinaesthetic Mimicry in computer games

I can’t stress enough how unbelievably great Chris Bateman‘s blog is for anyone wishing to look into what games are!
He’s got a great post about Wii and Kinaesthetic Mimicry in video games! He’s so generous with sharing his knowledge, experience, thoughts and time! I know some readers of this blog are thinking about writing about games for their thesis – subscribe to the feeds of this blog – you’ll be so much richer for it!

Oh dear – I feel compelled to write a list now – seems unfair to just mention Only A Game – but my list is long – and that should be designated to another post, I think!

EA – Angel or Devil!!

I absolutely adore Chris Bateman (but then again what games blogger don’t I, adore?)!! Lately he’s sorta been combining game and blog, which I think is really interesting!

Latest is a game to see whether EA is good or bad! We, as readers, are urged to contribute our thoughts on EA with points towards ‘angel’ and ‘devil’! Very interesting!

I’m still trying to gather my thoughts on the subject! But it will definitely be in the back of my mind as I sit here at uni on a Saturday night trying to focus on producing good work and trying to surpass my self doubts!

If you have any thoughts on the subject I hereby urge you to contribute!!