Using my blog as a resource

I’m not going to be blogging much this month as it is serious crunch time (urgh…who am I kidding? The summer’s gonna disappear into this thing!) I keep encountering problems! Such as I’ve eagerly avoided anything to do with story, narrative and fiction in games – specially MMORPGs. I’ve enjoyed reading about it and discussing the topic, but I’ve avoided having to dig deep into it – I’ve only skimmed the surface. But I keep coming back to the notion that MMORPG players are co-authors in the games they play! The fiction is the law – geography and rules. And well, I can’t seem to shake it off! So as well as looking at labour theory – I thought I might dip into some narratology (well…at least I’m enjoying it!!!).

But here I am ‘speaking’ my mind again, without thinking through what impression an unknown reader can get from reading this blogpost – so let me stop my trail of thought right there – and come back when I actually know what I’m ‘talking’ about (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)!

Anyways! I was just going to slap in a little fact about rl killing in China because of a vl theft of a sword in my thesis and I knew I had blogged about it ages ago so I thought I would dig it up and find the link to a ‘true and believable’ source, so I could actually use this little fact! Ofcourse the links were dead! Typical! So what to do?! A lot of digging to find a reliable source, infact and it’s REALLY annoying when you know you’ve already found it once! Really annoying!!!! So I’ve started to wonder…maybe I should bring Dekcuf with me into my thesis! Oh…even better…when I hand it in it will say “By Linn Søvig and Dekcuf” – oh wouldn’t that be great!!! But I’m sure there’s some way I can do this, can’t I? All the stuff I’ve already blogged about I can reference my online personality, Dekcuf! She’s reliable enough for the university isn’t it? If Dekcuf says it’s so – it must be so!!! He he! I know, I know! I just became so fond of the idea! Not because I would be referencing myself (although that would be sooooo cool as well), but because I also feel it demonstrates Dekcuf as her own online personality. But ofcourse – if I could just reference to this blog it would be a hell of a lot easier for me – and as you all know I am lazy!
On a side note, however, I started to seriously doubt that this murder had ever taken place! That it must have been some blogger who made the story up, because blogs were all I could find! And that has to say a lot about the web, truth, reality and time!!!

2 thoughts on “Using my blog as a resource

  1. Well, of COURSE you should read about narratives ;)The reader as co-author of hypertext fiction was a hot idea in tbe early nineties, but sort of faded – not sure how much your thoughts would parallel this, but pehraps worth a look?Then of course my PhD dissertation is all abuot the user’s relationship to the fictional world – heheh.What an annoying commenter I must be ;)

  2. Oh man!! I’m sooo Retro returning to the hot topic of the 90’s!!! It’s funny how I’ve sort of skimmed through subjects thinking “This is really interesting, but not useful for my thesis” and now that I’m trying to justify my arguments – I don’t see how I can leave them out! It’s great fun, actually!! When I started out, I thought I would have to steer clear completely of game theory, for example – boy was I wrong (thank god!). You’re also far from an annoying commenter!! Challenging, maybe – but that’s the way we like it!! I get too locked in my own trail of thought here sometimes!!! You’re PhD dissertation is on my ‘to read’ list for today! I’m looking forward to it!

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