Using my blog as a resource

I’m not going to be blogging much this month as it is serious crunch time (urgh…who am I kidding? The summer’s gonna disappear into this thing!) I keep encountering problems! Such as I’ve eagerly avoided anything to do with story, narrative and fiction in games – specially MMORPGs. I’ve enjoyed reading about it and discussing the topic, but I’ve avoided having to dig deep into it – I’ve only skimmed the surface. But I keep coming back to the notion that MMORPG players are co-authors in the games they play! The fiction is the law – geography and rules. And well, I can’t seem to shake it off! So as well as looking at labour theory – I thought I might dip into some narratology (well…at least I’m enjoying it!!!).

But here I am ‘speaking’ my mind again, without thinking through what impression an unknown reader can get from reading this blogpost – so let me stop my trail of thought right there – and come back when I actually know what I’m ‘talking’ about (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)!

Anyways! I was just going to slap in a little fact about rl killing in China because of a vl theft of a sword in my thesis and I knew I had blogged about it ages ago so I thought I would dig it up and find the link to a ‘true and believable’ source, so I could actually use this little fact! Ofcourse the links were dead! Typical! So what to do?! A lot of digging to find a reliable source, infact and it’s REALLY annoying when you know you’ve already found it once! Really annoying!!!! So I’ve started to wonder…maybe I should bring Dekcuf with me into my thesis! Oh…even better…when I hand it in it will say “By Linn Søvig and Dekcuf” – oh wouldn’t that be great!!! But I’m sure there’s some way I can do this, can’t I? All the stuff I’ve already blogged about I can reference my online personality, Dekcuf! She’s reliable enough for the university isn’t it? If Dekcuf says it’s so – it must be so!!! He he! I know, I know! I just became so fond of the idea! Not because I would be referencing myself (although that would be sooooo cool as well), but because I also feel it demonstrates Dekcuf as her own online personality. But ofcourse – if I could just reference to this blog it would be a hell of a lot easier for me – and as you all know I am lazy!
On a side note, however, I started to seriously doubt that this murder had ever taken place! That it must have been some blogger who made the story up, because blogs were all I could find! And that has to say a lot about the web, truth, reality and time!!!