Machinima day

I’ve been toying around with an idea for months now, not actually getting anywhere – but it’s still there on my list of priorities.

I want to rent a cinema theater for a day and show Machinima films. A kind of mini-Machinima festival. My idea is to make it as commercial as possible so that people who aren’t avid gamers will be interested in attending as well.

I’ve decided that this is possible if I can organize machinima films in forms of genre. Drama – action – horror – a.s.o. I know! It’s a headache. But I think if I separate the films from the games, people might be more open. The whole point is to give an introduction to the magnificence that can come out of user-generated content. And of course the relevant fact that games are being used as a medium to express something.

The hassle is writing convincing letters to gain sponsorship. Each time I start I give up after a few sentences. How can I convince people with cultural money power that this is a smart investment for the arts? How should I organize this event to be something worthwhile investing in?

Because I need money to pull it off. Firstly there’s the actual rent for the movie theater. Secondly there’s the advertising – if I really want people from outside the gaming communities to come – how should I appeal to them? And then there’s my time. I feel greedy in mentioning this – but the time organizing this event is seriously going to cut into my ‘work for money’ time and I can’t afford to loose too much of that these days. But to cover a whole day will require a considerable amount of research and correspondence. Hmmm – maybe I should cut it to just a Saturday afternoon? And fourth – it would be lovely to get an expert or actual producer to give a little talk about the culture of Machinima. I’m quite saddened that the only Norwegian machinima producer (eh…is it director?) I’ve found lives in Berlin – although I haven’t searched too hard yet.

Anyways – it’s a little dream that I’m working on. So any help, advice and tips is warmly welcome! I’ve been focusing too much on finding a job to pay the bills lately, so it’s been lying on my idea shelf getting dusty for a while now. Feeling inspired again, however. Gor!!! It feels so great to blog again – maybe I could do this for a living?!

So who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to pull this one dream off!

4 thoughts on “Machinima day

  1. Keep on planning, Linn :) Thought I’d pepper you with some ideas on how you could tie it up with something already established:Remember we talked about that Spillfestival in Bergen? I found a link to it, and as you said they have been focusing on traditional games like chess and so on. But maybe it’s time to evolve? They’ve made it a summer festival, something that might collide with computer games. As we all know: computer/tv screens and the sun are not good friends. But maybe there is a way to combine these things anyways? Who knows? Maybe you? People have movie festivals in summer, so why not show machinima. And then you have Regncon of course, which will be in september this year. But this is more of a hardcore boardgame/roleplaying game etc festival, maybe not for the “common man”. I don’t know.And then you have Filmklubbem & Cinemateket, they sometimes have mini seminars I think.And for all I know, maybe BIFF could be interested in a small seminar about machinima in their program this october? I don’t think a LAN-party would do, not at all, especially not Error since they have so few visitors. It’s not the right type of audience. Yep, that’s about it. Now I should probably do some school work. Maybe you can use this, maybe not, but it’s good to have given these things a thought anyway, even if it will be an independent event.

  2. Excellent! Thanks for the link of spillfestivalen! I couldn’t find it – I even called kommunen but they directed me to SommerBergen. I thought I’d write them a mail about Cruel 2 B Kind actually. But I’m worried there’s not enough time to organise such an event for the summer. But we might at least try!I sent a mail to BIFF without hearing a thing – I suppose I should’ve called them as well. BUT! I’ve been lucky enough to find a kindred spirit at Landmark! Hoping we can stitch something together! ;)

  3. If you need information on Regncon, we can have a talk:) i have some information, and i know some of the people who arrange it.

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