The art of McGee

American McGee’s in Shanghai developing Grimm with his company, Spicy Horse Games. And lucky for the world I live in, McGee’s a blogger! He was quiet there for a while – but he’s now frequently sharing his brilliant creations with us, his fans. One clue as to why I like McGee’s work is to be found on his ‘about’ page:
His stated mission is

“to create a unified production method for story telling across the interactive and film industries” and of himself, he says, “I want to be the next Walt Disney, only a little more wicked.”

It’s just so gutsy, ballsy and well…I’d say a realistic goal with such a creative mind as his. I like to think of him as one of the best storytellers in game art, so I think he’s well on his way to achieving this status. I’m a big fan, although, I actually haven’t played Bad Day LA yet. Like, Alice – I didn’t think it was quality McGee stuff – but it seems it might just be. OooOOoo – looking forward to having my account filled up again after a really expensive Christmas!
Anyways – McGee has really started sharing on his blog and I definitely recommend it. I mean, just look at what he wrote under this picture I’m sharing with you now:

“Since my days at id Software I’ve been a fan of blood, gore, lava,
and guts. Back then we used to revel in “gibs”, laugh when imps were exploded
into meaty showers of goo, and thrill to the screams of space marines bathing in
lava. With “Grimm” I’m excited to once again be dealing in a fiction where blood
fountains and rivers of lava are prevalent.”

– how adorable isn’t that?!


2 thoughts on “The art of McGee

  1. Definitely got to pass this one on to Mike. Exploding imps? Showers of goo? Just his kinda gaming.There really is something adorable about them, isn’t there?

  2. Jet-propulsed headless bunnies? What’s not to love? His format – 24 episodes – is really what I see as the future of games. When that distro model is perfected, and there’s a way to port that to regular people’s regular cable TV… That’s when games are going to slam face-first into entertainment like a Tokyo train.

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