Steampunk in Second Life

It’s such a long time since I’ve been in Second Life – I haven’t even installed it on my current computer.
Cory Doctorow (@BoingBoing) shares a video of a Steampunk island, called New Babbage and this is reason enough for me to hit the install button right away.

I’m curious, though. The steampunk city is supposed to be “bringing together the combined interests of Steampunks from around the world to a place they can roleplay and be creative” – I get the creative – because I adore steampunk art – but how do they roleplay? What’s steampunk roleplaying? Definitely something to check out – I think!

2 thoughts on “Steampunk in Second Life

  1. Lots of blogs about Caledon and SL, which will help to explain the role play :-) Perhaps start here and follow the links on the left to others

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