Public Broadcasting goes gaming

And it’s about freakin time too!

NRK the Norwegian Public Broadcasting company will be releasing a free computer game for kids this fall, called Superia.
writes that they want the game to give kids creative freedom to make videos, animations and drawings a.s.o., and this will then be shared on the childrens tv channel or something. I’m also presuming that content will be shared between players as well – will they be able to interact with one another in the game, you think?

Either way… I’m so so so so so happy that nrk is brave and innovative enough to explore this direction. I’ll have to dig a little deeper. I was just about to close down for the night when I read about this – so excuse the rushed sentences.

The gameplay that has posted doesn’t really seem all that creative or adventurous, to be honest – but I’m sure the real fun’s in there somewhere!!

It’s apparently created by the BBC – hmmm…. – it must be Adventure Rock, right? I wonder if the lovely Mildly Diverting and Wonderland had their interactive hands on this at some point.

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