Woo hoo!!!!

Magnet and Funcom’s Dreamfall have been nominated for ‘Best Video Game Score’ at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards’! Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!! I’m so proud!!!! Oh…how I hope they win!!! Maybe then things will start blossoming in this country – and investors will be running after game designers!
Magnet being a ‘Bergenser’ makes my heart pound even harder!!! Hats off to them and congratulations Funcom!!! I shamefully haven’t played it yet! But is number one on my list!!!


Umh…I don’t really know what to say, which is weird since I’m blogging about this, but I can’t figure out if I’m crying because I’m laughing or laughing because I’m crying! And what the hell is the message behind these lyrics? He knows this great bot named Anna who turns out to be a beautiful woman, but he doesn’t care because to him she will always be a bot? WTF? Anyways! This is a must see!!!

Basshunter – Boten Anna

(Stolen from Wonderland)

re: Your Brains

I just adore this!!!! This is exactly what Web 2.0 (or…? the correct terminology eludes me)is about, if you ask me!! Jonathan Coulton is a New York musician who releases a song a week on his blog, under a Creative Commons license – and this guy, Mike Spiff has created a WoW Machinima from one of these songs – and ofcourse it’s available on YouTube!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE IT!!!