Basshunter strikes again

This time it’s a song about gaming. Pretty much singing that they’re sitting there in ‘venten’ (which I think is an abreviation for ventrilo) and playing a little computer games (interesting to think that the direct translation would be ‘playing data)!

Update: Oops! I was wrong! He’s actually singing about playing DotA – Defense of the Ancients.

It’s, you know, something to blog about without having to write too much;)! Interesting, at least!

Thanks, i1277!


Umh…I don’t really know what to say, which is weird since I’m blogging about this, but I can’t figure out if I’m crying because I’m laughing or laughing because I’m crying! And what the hell is the message behind these lyrics? He knows this great bot named Anna who turns out to be a beautiful woman, but he doesn’t care because to him she will always be a bot? WTF? Anyways! This is a must see!!!

Basshunter – Boten Anna

(Stolen from Wonderland)