World Peace Game and my first steps into game mechanics!

In October I was very privileged to attend a dinner organised by Bergen International Film Festival – BIFF (falls under the category “Love my job”). Here I met a very enthusiastic gaming man named Erik. BIFF is one of, if not THE, largest international documentary film festivals and one of the things I adore about them is that they go out to schools and show important documentaries and discuss them. Erik was one of the discussers and when he got a whif of my gaming interests he went in a trance like state talking about this great gaming documentary that they were talking about at these schools. I have to admit, I wasn’t convinced – it sounded way too classroomy for my taste. But I gave it a go – and admitidly I too was smitten! The documentary was called “World Peace and other 4th grade achievements”. Here’s a little teaser:

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Plans for the fall

Let me first start off by saying that I love my job and I think I’ll be able to share my experiences there in the upcoming

Linn cupping kaffehuset friele

This is me cupping at my job at a coffee roaster here in Bergen.

year. I haven’t decided if I’ll start a new blog or continue writing here, though. I like this space for all my “other” activities. But there are few of them and I suspect there’ll be fewer still. One of my main goals for the rest of the year is to do a little analysis of how I see my education being put to good use. I keep noticing skills I learned from Media Studies and I’m thankful for having them.  I really do feel like I have the right skills to do this job well – and that’s reassuring. I want to spread the confidence to other media students, you know? Because there is little understanding of what Media Studies skills can be used in jobs and the corporate world – but I see myself using these skills all the time.

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My Machinima presentation

I was honored to be asked to give a little presentation on Machinima at Scott Rettberg’s “The Network as a Space and Medium for Collaborative Interdisciplinary Art Practice”. I had a great time and met some truly fantastic and inspirational people! I was squeezed in to the topic of Anthropophagy, which I’m still trying to figure out – but will write more about in another blogpost. My initial thought is Machinima is anthropophagic (not sure I can say that – but what the hell – I’ll give it a go) of game narrative – which opens up a whole box of interest worms. But … it’s not a cannibalistic media in itself. But…yeah… we’ll leave room for that somewhere else.

My presentation is available on Google Docs but I’ll cut and paste it here – as the notes are more important than the actual slides (although you can find them by opening the speaker notes).


When gaming avatars perform for the camera, not for the game

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My thesis

So I finally registrered my masters thesis in the University of Bergen’s archives. I’ve spent the last two years meaning to dig it up and edit and tripple check references, but the will-power just was not there.

As for this blog? It’s not dead just yet – I’ve got several posts just waiting for a read-through to be posted – so I’m not ready to cut it off just yet. But no new posts since november? That’s tragic!

My enthusiasm is very focused on my glorious new job at the moment – but I’m noticing that there’s a lot of what I’m doing which can be combined with what this blog is about, I’m just not on certain enough ground to write about it yet. I will, though! ;)

Things I’m going to

Tomorrow I’m off to Gullstikken . It’s kinda an award ceremony for the best computer games of the year, well…that’s exactly what it is actually. From what I hear, its the best place to meet the whole Norwegian games industry in one place.

So I’m looking forward to seeing who’s out there.

I’m also going to a free information meeting about Datalagringsdirektivet on Friday. It’s about the EU directive of storage of personal information. I’m still quite confused about the whole thing, and I welcome a free meeting to inform me about what its all about.

I, journalist, again – in Oslo

Well – by golly. I’m off to Oslo to work as a journalist for five months. Dagens It, were kind enough to offer me the position – and I instantly jumped at it! Just think of all the stuff I’m gonna learn! I’m quite pannicked about writing quickly in Norwegian for such a serious business oriented news organisation and I’m foreseeing a bunch of stress right away. But I think it’ll be worth it! There’s so much I want to learn about the IT industry in Norway, in particular the game development community – I’m hoping that what interests me, will be in unison with the paper.
It’s all happening rather fast, however – so I feel like I’m stuck in some “We’re not in Kansas anymore” whirlwind. I’m starting by covering a conference here at home, Digitale Hverdag where there’s gonna be a lot of stuff on robots, which I’m all giddy about. Don’t know why, I never really cared about robots that much – but now I do. They’ll be talking about robots in the workforce which I think is quite interesting. I may have been asleep the last few years, but I haven’t really heard that much ado about robots since the 80s (yes – I was VERY young then). It’s my impression that it all became rather dystopic – robots taking away jobs a.s.o. So does this mean that we’re warming to robots more? Have we entered an age of positive technology? I suppose we have, really – which I guess I’ve known – so why am I suprised that robots in the workforce have become a positive force of discussion?

Being recognised by a stranger

So extremely weird standing at the bus stop freezing my butt off in the frost of the morning at 7 am and have somebody come up to me and ask “You work for BTV right?” – “Uhm – no.” “But I’m sure I saw you there” – “Well, I was interviewed on that show MM a few weeks back”. And then…well…all interest was lost. A disappointed “oh yeah” and then off they went again. The word ‘machinima’ wasn’t uttered once. And it seems working for a tv station is much more rock starish than being a guest. So what’s the point of being recognised if my message never came across?! At least the stranger could have remember games and film! Utterly disappointed!

Things to do when I get home from work

  • Snoop in the e-grapevine as to what on earth is going on at Linden Labs. Corey Ondrejka leaves? Because of differences with Philip Rosedale? – oh my oh my! I feel like my juicy gossipy needs are bursting! It’s funny – but I wonder if we all have a favorite of the two? I hadn’t thought about it before now, but they’re not very similar are they? And, well, I can’t lie, I definitely have a favorite – do you? And what does this mean for Second Life? A Second Life without Cory? It just seems wrong somehow – but then again, who am I to have an opinion – I’m hardly ever there!
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48 Hour Film Project comes to Second Life

This is great! The 48 Hour Film Project is launched in Second Life January 11, 2008. I’ve gotta admit that I’m kinda tempted to try it myself – although I’m not at all familiar with Second Life – gorr – think it’s been 6 months since I was there actually! But this is the kinda stuff that makes Second Life fun and brilliant!

I’ve already started picking out Second Life machinima I want to show on yet another machinima night. They are just so freakin’ good! But last time – I wanted to keep Second Life out of the equation because they don’t really represent the same kind of gameplay as expression I was shooting for last time. The Second Life machinima scene is just in a league of their own! There’s so much great stuff being created there! I look forward to at least see the entries here!

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